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Swati Singh (SS) Makeover

Swati Singh (SS) Makeover has over ten many years experience. She has lots of experience in the makeup industry. For the media, movie industry Bollywood and also in brides.In her over 10 years, she's performed a variety of different makeup. She is able to do all makeup effectively and she also teaches makeup

Every Look Bridal Gets Flawless, Royal, And Rich, Professional Advance If you're looking to master makeup, you can take a course in makeup from us and gain your mark in the marketplace Anyone else who wants to learn how to do makeup or get started? contact me

Professional Makeup
Advance Makeup
Hd bridal Makeup
Airbrush Hd bridal Makeup
Celebrity Makeup
Media Makeup
Film Makeup
Party Makeup
Mehndi Makeup
Cocktail Makeup

Belen Ava / Makeup Artist
Artist & Stylist

Makeup Team

This team of wonderful girls have the highest levels of expertise in makeup, hairstyling and photography. They are also super-professional, calm and simply lovely people to have around on your wedding day…

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