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Swati Singh Makeover

Hello, Swati Singh ( SS Makeover), I love people love to fell beautiful, which is the reason I’ve spent last 10 years engulfed in doing Makeup & Hair Stylist.

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Swati Singh / Makeup Artist
What We Do


Our main services face makeup, eyebrown makeup, haircut makeup, facial makeup, dressing table, bride makeup, wedding makeup, effeect makeup, occasion makeup etc.

Our Packages

HD Bridal Makeup

Rs. 14999/-

Our stylist consults & delivers you a precision bridal makeup.

Airbrush Bridal Makeup

Rs. 17999/-

Our stylist consults & delivers you a precision hair makeup.

Engagement Makeup

Rs. 11999/-

Our stylist consults & delivers you a precision face makeup.

Party Makeup

Rs. 3999/-

Our stylist consults & delivers you a precision event makeup.


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